What makes and breaks a community? I have been asked this question in several different forms over the past few weeks. I have come up with a variety of answers to my thoughts when pondering this question. Here is what I think. What makes a community is selflessness. Being able to give up yourself to those around you. To be exposed if you will and to let those around you in so they can help you, cheer for you or just be there for you when you need them through good and bad times. A community finds a way to stick together regardless of obstacles. When a new member comes around it accepts that person graciously, warmly and whole heartedly as one of their own seeing through their faults. What breaks a community is selfishness and lack of acceptance to change. Having a person or persons who in a group stir a pot so that others can follow them down a road that will eventually lead to nothing but the loss of that community. Here at Precision we have a community that is strong and accepting. It is divided by no one and although there will be forces that will try and do so, staying strong and believing in each other will keep us together always. The Open is upon us people and although for many it is a beautiful community building event, for some it is downright stressful. This is one of those times where regardless of how you are feeling, regardless of how you did in a workout that you embrace your community and let them be your support network to lead you though to glory. See you in the gym PC!



750 M. Row

*250 Easy, 250 Mod., 250 Hard


2 Rounds

5 Inch Worms

10 Scorpions

10 Good Mornings

10 Lunges w/ rotation to bent leg side


3 x5 Hollow Rock to Superman’s



5 x 4 @ 85% 1RM Clean

Pair With:

5 x 10 Ass. Glute Ham Extensions




5 Dead Lift (245/175) (225/155) (205/135) (185/125)

Rest 2 Min.

125 Sit Ups For Time

*Score is Sit Up time only.

**Determine weight based off technique only! Do not do weight that you cannot handle for 50 reps without perfect technique. BE SMART!


Roll & Mobilize

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