We have begun to see many new faces come into Precision over the past few months. They have followed our blog in some way shape or form or have remained engaged with what we do to the point where they finally felt like it was time to make the switch. Although this is awesome and we welcome all our new members into our doors with arms wide open, I want to reiterate who we are and why we are different. And, what separates us from the masses.

As a strength & conditioning expert, it is my duty to use my knowledge and expertise to help you all improve. So when creating our programming, I do just that. Our athletes see significant improvements because we really focus on building a stronger over all you. Sure, doing multi-jointed lifts, such as the squats, weight lifts, and various power lifts make you stronger, but they don’t strengthen the smaller muscle groupings. To be successful in CrossFit and become stronger in general, you need muscle stability and overall muscular development. So when programming this year’s training cycle, we threw in more strength & conditioning components. For example, we use the overhead walk & lunges to work on overhead stability, and various planking exercises to work on core stability. In addition, when breaking down the gymnastic movements of CrossFit, others spend a ton of time drilling the movements, but no time actually strengthening the muscles required to do those movements. This is why you see the various rows and vertical press elements in the skills. Moreover, many athletes in general tend to be very quad dominant, which leads to low back issues. This is often due to underdeveloped glute and hamstring muscles along with a weakened transverse abdominis region. So we throw in exercises to develop these areas, such as the bar roll outs and the glute-ham extensions, to name a couple. There have been a plethora of various skills that we have programmed throughout the weeks, and they have progressed based on the gym’s ability levels. We are seeing a large emphasis on it all currently with our 3 rounds at a walking pace and EMOM work. When it comes to the WODs, we make sure to rotate through the various energy systems as previously written about in other blog posts. In doing this we are able to build a healthier, fitter you. Last but not least, we added mobility into our daily routine and educated ourselves further as coaches in this area. After all, you can’t get fit if you’re injured.

Precision CrossFit is a full-fledged strength & conditioning facility. What makes us different and separates us are three very important things. First, we have fantastic coaches. The best in the business as far as I am concerned. They know the plan and can see the end game. They have bought into our system and believe that they are better coaches because of it. We make it a point to educate them along with you all whenever we can because it is our duty. No one should be doing this stuff blind asking themselves, why? Second, we have an amazing training environment. This is a huge reason why many often PR. Our members want to see each other succeed. It is genuine. Everyone wants to get better. This creates positive energy and makes the body react positively. Precision CrossFit is what it is because of its members and the community we have all created. This community breeds success and not only accepts it, but is also hungry for it. It is not about individualism; it is about togetherness. Because together we are one. Always. Third, everyone buys in and respects the process as well as each other. No body cares about your “Fran” time. They care about you as a person. When they ask about your day. They do not mean it in terms of CrossFit. They mean how are YOU? What is happening in YOUR life. We all want to be there for each other. Precision is a special place and as we enter more people into our community, we must never forget what makes it special.





10 x 500 M. Rowing Repeats

*First 2-3 repeats should be easy going. Then gradually pick up on round 4 & 5. You should be settled in a good pace by round 5.

**You can do this with a partner as well. Your rest time will be slightly longer but your intensity should be much higher.

***Record your average split time. (COMPARE TO 6/5/14, 7/23/14, 8/26/14, 10/22/14, & 11/18/14)


Shoulder to Over Head

1 x 20 (Add 5-10 lbs.)

*Work up to a weight you know you can hit for 20 reps straight with good technique.

**50-60% 1RM is a good place to start if this is your first time.


Mobilize hips and body thoroughly. Take this time to aid in your bodies recovery.

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