We have had so many people in gym P.R. during this testing cycle that many have been asking, why? Some of the gains being made have been pretty un-comprehensible. I mean even our top athletes have made significant improvements. Although this is all very shocking, I am not all that surprised. Am I proud? You better freaken believe it! All of your improvements put a massive smile on my face and your shout outs warm my heart. But I am not surprised in the slightest. After all, when I set out on this journey with you all roughly 31 weeks ago, I had a plan. I knew where I wanted to get the gym to and wanted to create a system that surpassed ordinary CrossFit modalities because let’s face it, just doing CrossFit wod’s alone do not make you better.

As a strength & conditioning expert it is my duty to use my knowledge and expertise to help you all improve. So when creating this year’s programming, I did just that. You are all seeing significant improvements because I really focused on building a stronger over all you. Sure, doing multi-jointed lifts such as the squats, Olympic lifts, and various power lifts make you stronger, but they don’t strengthen the smaller muscle groupings. To be successful in CrossFit and become stronger in general, you need muscle stability and overall muscular development. So when programming this year’s cycle I threw in more strength & conditioning components. Like for example, I used the Over Head Walk to work on overhead stability, and various planking exercises to work on core stability. In addition, when breaking down the gymnastic movements of CrossFit, I realized that we spend a ton of time drilling movements but no time actually strengthening the muscle’s required to do those movements. This is why you see the various rows and vertical press elements in the skills. Moreover, I began to see a ton of quad dominance in our athletes along with back injuries. This is often due to underdeveloped glute and hamstring muscles along with a weakened transverse abdominis region. So I started throwing in exercises to develop these areas, such as the bar roll outs and the glute-ham extensions to name a few. There have been a plethora of various skills that I have programmed throughout the weeks, and they have progressed based on the gyms ability levels. When it came to the WOD’s I made sure to rotate through the various energy systems as previously written about a few months ago. In doing this I was able to build a healthier, more fit you. Last but not least, we added more mobility to our daily routine and educated ourselves further as coaches in this area. After all you can’t get fit if your injured.

Precision CrossFit is a full-fledged strength & conditioning facility. What makes it special are three very important things. First, we have fantastic coaches. The best in the business as far as I am concerned. They know the plan and can see the end game. They have bought into our system and believe that they are better coaches because of it. I make it a point to educate them along with you all whenever I can because it is my duty. No one should be doing this stuff blind asking themselves, why? Second, we have an amazing training environment. This is a huge reason why you are all setting PR’s. You want to see each other succeed. It is genuine. Everyone wants to get better. This creates positive energy and makes the body react positively. Precision CrossFit is successful because of its members and the community we have all created. This community breeds success and not only accepts it, but is hungry for it. It is not about individualism is about togetherness. Because together we are one, always. Third, you all baught in and Respected the Process! Sure it was hard for some, but you did it and now look at your progress.

Precision CrossFit you are all the reason for your PR’s. I layed out the pathway. You all chose to walk it. It is because of every one of you! Here is to Cycle 3!!




3 Rounds

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs





ODD: 60 Sec. Front Plank (Add Weight Accordingly)

EVEN: 10 V-Ups



20 x 250 M. Rowing Repeats

*Rest :30 Sec. Between Each Set.

**Score is avg. time of all 20 repeats.

Work your oxidative system! Get better today!


125 Sit Ups For Time



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