On July 20, 2014, Precision Crossfit will WOD together in a child/adult partner competition to raise money for Savannah’s Stolen Moment Campaign.

WOD for Savannah will be a family fun day hosted by Precision CrossFit in Agoura Hills, CA on July 20, 2014. We are organizing a friendly comp to raise money for Savannah’s Stolen Moments. You can read Savannah’s story on the web link. She was the beautiful 2 1/2 year old niece of Brian & Liz Gustavson who passed away unexpectedly in early April. Team up with a child between the ages of 5-17. It can be your own son or daughter, sibling, cousin, nephew, niece or friend. You do not need to be a CrossFitter to participate!

Go here to register and get additional information: WOD FOR SAVANNAH

“So often we are either watching our kids compete or perform in their activities. Some of us bring our kids to watch us compete in CrossFit competitions. This event is for a great cause and it allows us the rare occasion to compete and perform side by side with our own kids or little ones that we care about. Just think about when you were young how cool it would have been to compete on the same team as your mom and dad. I would give anything to have that opportunity. Don’t take for granted how special this will be for a child in your life. Come out and join us for this very special event for an outstanding cause. Fitness – Strength – COMMUNITY .” -Greg Smiley



3 Rounds

10 Air Squats

1o Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs


Mobilize Hips





Row for Max Meters

*Score is total meters completed.

Get out of your comfort zone and hit this workout! Get better today!

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