15.1 Tips and Strategy

This is a great workout but it is a very different Open workout then we have seen in years past. Essentially the weight is extremely light for most making it a non-factor. This means this workout comes down 100% to T2B. 15 is a lot of reps and with all the gripping going on with the DL and Snatch you need to save it. If you decide to go big, by round 3 your T2B will be gone completely. This being said I suggest doing sets no bigger than 5’s if you are advanced and 3’s for everyone else. You will eventually have to resort to doing 1’s and when you do they need to be quick. Think – JUMP, HEAD THREW WINDOW, T2B, DROP. Cycle through this progression as fast as you can. The Dead Lifts and Snatches should be unbroken, however you should take a quick shake break between each movement. So, 10 Dead Lifts (Break), 5 Snatches (Break), T2B. If you are not good at either movement then break them up. It is ok to go quick 1’s on the DL if you have a bad back it will save you for 15.1a. Remember this first part is about YOU as a CrossFitter getting the best possible score. YOU need to stick to a game plan to have the most success possible.

15.1a is pretty cool. A max clean & jerk after all those grip intensive movements. The good news is you won’t feel as drained as years past in regards to your motor. The bad news is your forearms are going to be on fire and when you do your first lift it is going to feel like a FAT BAR. 6 minutes is a long time and you should get 3-4 lifts in. Now, you have to be smart here. You should take 1-2 Min. to recover before lifting as you need to let ATP stores replenish before going so big. I have told my top athletes that realistically they only get 3 solid attempts when rest times are figured in and the last one will be with about 30 sec. left on the clock. So it will be do or die. You should think about opening at a comfortable weight, roughly 85-90% of your 1RM or even lighter for you more less experienced crossFitters. Then from there add weight accordingly based on feel. DO NOT MAKE gigantic jumps. Stay within reason 5-10lbs is smart. Some of you will PR however this workout is not about PR’ing. It is about remaining smart and consistent. If you attack 15.1 properly then you should be roughly 15-20lbs. under your current PR. So 90-95% 1RM should be a good goal. Make sure to take plenty of time between lifts and because you can only use 1 bar I recommend adding weight to what is already on the bar rather than stripping. Will save you some time. Also, 1lb weights can really be a factor for some of you top dawgs looking to make a splash. There will be a huge difference say between 300 and 302lbs. Good luck everyone!! See you next week. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line and ask.



Partner 2K Row

*Switch off anyhow! 

**Work transitions




EMOM 10 (With a partner)

Tit for Tat 

5 HSPU (Each) 

*Adv. Strict


Teams of 4:

4 Rounds

800 M. Team Run

200 Double Unders

50 Burpees


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