2022-23 CYCLE 3 – WEEK 1 (TEST WEEK) 11/21/22

Back in May, we officially began our new training cycle for the 2022-2023 calendar year. We started with baseline testing to be re-tested at the beginning of each new quarter. Can you believe quarter 2 is already over?! Each training mesocycle has focused on compounding elements building upon each other for ultimate results. In cycle one, we spent a tremendous amount of time improving technical efficiency, particularly that of the barbell pathway and getting under the bar in regards to our lifts. We also focused on squat endurance, mid-line stability, strict gymnastic strength, and the building of an endurance base. In Cycle 2, we focused on taking this technical base to build more max strength in both the lifts and gymnastics. We also got more dynamic with our gymnastic movements, introducing the kip to movements, etc. In addition, I threw some Open prep elements in there towards the end of the cycle to get everyone ready for what Cycle 3 will look like. It is now time to assess our progress, which is big when it comes to getting the results we want. It also helps me greatly with the programming to make sure that I am going in the right direction with you all. This time around, we will only be testing some of the things as before but with some modifications. Last year, I started evolving the tests as the year progressed, and I have done the same thing again here. So, like last year, you will see some different workouts in order to test the same energy systems. However, we will maintain a similar order as in cycle 1. This way, we can keep as many variables out of it as possible to help ensure results. Yes, I know it’s Thanksgiving week. Unfortunately, with the open being moved back, it affected our calendar. Therefore, our testing week can bleed over a little into the following week for those of you that need it to.

If you are looking to improve, I highly suggest making all the test workouts or finding a way to get them done. Make sure to log all the workouts, lifts, and skills tested. It is imperative that you do this to track your progress so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

As stated in May, the programming is being designed from a strength & conditioning perspective. I have broken down all the movements of CrossFit as well as the body’s energy systems that need to be stressed in order to achieve the best results. By breaking down what it means to be fit, I am able to scale, modify, and adjust workouts according to ability level. What we are looking to achieve is ultimate levels of fitness, and that is exactly the goal of the programming when I laid out the 52-week training year. The 2023 CrossFit Games Open is roughly 13 weeks from now. It will be fun to see how we all do this year. See you all in the gym. Let’s get it!

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1K Bike
2 Rounds
10 Lunge w/ Pass Through
10 Good Mornings
10 Back Squat
5 Inch Worms + Scorpions

LIFT: (Max Strength Test)
Back Squat
10 x 1 (Every 90 Sec.)
*Find a new 1RM
WOD: (Fast / Slow Glycotic Capacity Test)
E2MOM… Until Failure 
12/10 Cal. Bike
6 Bar Lateral Burpee
*Every round add 2 reps to burpees

LIFT: (Leg Endurance Strength Test)
3 × M.E. Wall Sit
*3 attempts. Hold as long as you can.
**Rest as needed
WOD:  (Fast / Slow Glycotic Capacity Test)
E2MOM… Until Failure 
100 M. Run
6 Burpee
*Every round add 2 reps to burpees

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