Andrew Michael Collins

There are very few people that come into your life and instantly make a difference in how you perceive hard work and dedication. They change how we play the game, whether it be life or sport. They change how we live, they alter our culture. We’ve all grown up in awe of super heros, wanting to be just like them. There are certain people that we believe have “super powers” there is just something very special about them and we can’t quite put our finger on it. They have a certain ora about them and no matter the situation we would follow their lead into battle. They will suffer the most difficult pain for those around them to have success.

Andy Collins was this for Occidental College Football. He was greatest athlete to ever come through Oxy in its 130 years of exhistance, but he was much more then that. He was a leader, a true champion, a mentor, and most importantly a great person. Andy would do anything for those around him to have success. In a school where academics trumps all, Occidental has around 1,400 students and we usually would get around 500 people to a home game; hardly the big time. Andy changed that culture as soon as he walked in the door. My brother, Mike had the honor to play with Andy for two seasons and coach him for one more where Andy led Occidental Football to three straight SCIAC league championships. I, Daniel, played with him for his last season at Oxy in 2006. Andy started at quarterback for the Tigers over those three seasons and he will forever hold the record of 26 straight regular season wins. In addition to his SCIAC honors, Andy was chosen as the top quarterback in NCAA Division III by the American Football Coaches Association in 2006. Playing for the AFCA’s Division III all-star team, he earned MVP honors for team USA, leading the squad to a 28-7 win over Mexico in the 2006 Aztec Bowl.

Mike and I would always compare ourselves to Andy and try and be just like him. We workout like him, push ourselves like him, and strive to better just like him. Andy was “Superman” to us and Oxy. He was the rock that held our program together and single handedly put our tiny football program on the map. Andy went on to play professional football, much like all of us knew he would. He had a brief stint with the New York Giants, Arena Football League LA Avengers, Colorado Rush and Stockton Lightning. The lessons Andy taught Mike and I, regardless if he knew it or not have made us better people. I looked up to Andy much more than he ever knew. I chose the same college major, worked out when he did, and followed his footsteps and guidance into professional football.

Andrew Michael Collins passed away on Monday, August 1st 2011 after suffering an apparent heart attack. He was 27 years-old. Andy died doing one of the things he loved – working out. He is survived by his lovely wife, Brooke, whom he married on July 23rd, 2011 – only 8 days before his death.

Daniel Tromello – Coach Precision CrossFit



3 Rounds 1 Min. at Each Station for Reps of:
-Wall Ball (20/14)
-Box Jumps (20)
-Calorie Row
-Push Press (75/55)

*Rest 1 Min. after each Full Round

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