There are a million things to say about this years “Ventura: Battle of the Boxes” and not a lot of ways to say it. The “Wall of Blue” has given me a tall order on this one, but I am going to do my very best. I think the aspect that should be focused on the most is our community’s representation as a whole. The “Battle of the Boxes” was actually one of my first CrossFit comps back in 2009, and the event where I made my comeback after my achilles rupture, so it meant a lot to me to put together a heck of an event. Because it meant so much to me, I wanted it to mean something to you all as well. So at the conclusion of the event, Precision you had me smiling from ear to ear. No, it was not because of your athletic prowess; however, that was very cool! It was because of how proud you all made me: the way in which you carried yourselves; the way you represented your gym, and each other; the way you spoke and encouraged others. These things matter the most to me, and you were all beautiful in your execution. I enjoy dominating performances, and I am beyond happy with all our team’s results. Yet, what I am most proud of is the manner in which you all did it. The manner in which you represented yourselves at the event. From the competitors to those helping me run the event, you were all class acts. I think I notice it more because I see many gyms out there that don’t represent themselves properly in a competitive setting. Owners who lose control of their members, or even worse, condone poor behavior. I see gyms with this swagger like they are better than everyone, but have never accomplished anything. Precision has accomplished a lot. This is no secret. We are a gym that many say is “on the map.” However, I do not feel like we flaunt that. We win graciously, and we lose with class. We don’t look down on others unless we are helping them up, and that is a fact. 

This is the vision I had for Precision 4 years ago. It was instilled in me by my college football coach. Always win and lose as a team. Never flaunt your abilities. Always be humble. If you couldn’t do this, then you had no place on the team. The same goes for Precision. However, you are all phenomenally gifted people in so many ways. Because of this, you walk tall with confidence, but you are not conceited. I am so proud of this. It was obvious on Saturday. I have gotten a ton of thank yous for the job I did this weekend, and all I can do is point at my crew. I appreciate the thank yous, but without my brother Daniel, Stephanie Vermeychuk, Jose Cobian, Jose Gutierrez, Mel Smith, Alex Braham, and Colin Kawaguchi, this event does not happen. Without all of you going out of your way to help us clean up, I don’t get home to have an evening with my family. We worked together as TEAM PRECISION. I am so freaken proud of this. Thank you, everyone. We put that event on for you. I am damn glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for representing with class. You are an extension of Greg and myself. Your actions are a direct result of our leadership. You are all amazing. 

Fitness – Strength – Community

P.S.–Congratulations to all our teams. 

Team Precision – 1st Place (RX)

Team Cafe Con Leche – 3rd Place (RX)

Team Semipro Exercisers – 4th Place (RX)

Team Old Lives Matter – 1st Place (Masters & Scaled)

Team Wod Masters – 3rd Place (Masters)

Team Something Old, Something New – 17th Place (Scaled)

Team Marvel – 21st Place (Scaled)

Team Icy Hot Part TRE – 24th Place (Scaled)

Team Principals Office – 26th Place (Scaled)



3 Rounds

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs


Mobilize Hips




Row for Max Calories

*Immediately Into


Row for Max Calories

*Rest 5 Min.

For Time

60 Burpees


Roll & Mobilize

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