We had an amazing Saturday at the Beach Cities Battle hosted by our friends at CrossFit Code 3. Everyone showed up bright and early in amazingly good spirits. We organized a compound of tents to accomodate all our competitors and supporters to go along with some of our friends from other box’s. After the athlete briefing, the energy was high as the competition kicked off. Kat was up first follwed by Em, Haley, Mike G, Melissa, Lieb, Greg, Smiley, Winnie, Julie, Katie, Daniel, and Mike. From the onset it was clear that everyone came well prepared to compete. Our athletes looked poised, strong, and extremely focused. As the first wod wore on, it became very apparent which gym’s focused heavily on their lifts and which gyms did not. WOD #1 was a 4 Min. 1RM Snatch Complex consisting of a consecutive power snatch, hang power snatch, hang squat snatch, and an over head squat. We had several top finishers at this with Melissa Warner, Deborah Haley, and the almost 6 months pregnant Emalee Tromello hitting top scores at 105lbs in the women’s intermediate division. This was followed by a 2nd place finish by Greg Smiley in the masters men’s division with a 155lb complex. Katie Crowe and Julie Adams finished first and second place in the women’s elite division hitting 140 and 135lbs. Then to cap it off Mike Tromello finished 2nd in the elite men’s division with a 205lb complex. Attached to this wod was a separate 4 min AMRAP of 9 pull ups, 6 shoulder to overheads, and 9 kb swings with 3 muscle ups for the elite division. Their were several notable moments during this portion of the wod. Kat Buckly strung 9 strait unbroken pull ups together taking an early lead in the wod and smashing her weight. Mike Gallardo’s pull ups looked phenomenal as he strung several sets of consecutive butterfly pull ups together. He looked extremely strong and efficient out there now as a veteran to competition. Matt Lieb and Greg Shimpff battled against each other to place first and second in their heat. Winnie demolished her heat stringing her Muscle Up sets together with amazing efficiency and ease, a theme she would continue through out the day. This was all topped off with Daniel Tromello destroying the top men’s heat flying threw his AMRAP much like Winnie and Greg Smiley had done earlier in their heats.
A major factor to the day was the temperature from the heat. It was energy zapping but our athlete’s handled it quite well. All took on the floater putting up top times all day with Daniel taking first in the elite mens division. Julie Adams, Katie Crowe, and Melissa Warner also put up top times in a wod which included 8 ft wall climbs, heavy farmers carries, prowler pushing, and sled pulls. One very notable moment was Emalee Tromello taking on the wod with ease once again almost 6 months pregnent! Nothing ever stops her once she sets her mind to something and proved that throughout the entire day of competition.
The day ended with a brutal leg killing workout at the top of the afternoon. This workout would not only test every athlete’s capacity and strength but also their heart. It consisted up 20 jumping lunges followed by 12-9-6 of heavy squat cleans, toes to bar, and lateral burpees ending with 20 more jumping lunges. To make this wod even tougher our beloved code 3 crew instilled an 8 minute cap to a workout that clearly has an average time of 10 minutes to complete, making things all that much more difficult. Once WOD #2 began it was clear that the combination of the workout and the heat was taking it’s toll on all competitors with very few finishing. When all was said and done and the dust had settled the few that could claim victor over wod #2 were some of our very own with Haley, Melissa, Greg, Julie, Dan and Mike taking top spots and top times in the workout. All though they could all say that they finished the workout it still claimed supremacy with the six of them barely being able to walk or even function after the wod was over. A knarly wod in deed! At the end of the day Precision CrossFit walked away with 5 podium spots. Melissa Warner and Deborah Haley finished 2nd and 3rd in the women’s intermediate division, Greg Smiley 1st place in the male master’s division, Katie Crowe second place in the elite women’s division, and Daniel Tromello 2nd place, as well in the elite men’s division. 13 athlete’s, 5 podium spots. Not to mention Julie Adams, Winnie, and Mike Tromello all finished in the top 10. A great day for Precision CrossFit and an amazing time. Matt Leib, Greg Shimpff, and Mike Gallardo all PR’d their snatch complex, while Kat Buckly showed amazing capacity and skill throughout the day. We are extremely proud of each and every one of our athlete’s. What made yesterday even more special were the countless members who drove down to Torrence to cheer everyone on. Our family is forever growing and expanding. Great job Precision! A special shout out to Code 3 for putting on an amazing competition. See you at the next one… wait that is next week, haha! Good times!


400 M. Run
2 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 OHS
10 Good Mornings
10 Lunges

3×10 Hollow Rock into Superman

Pair With:

3xMax Effort Head Stands

Front Squats

(From the Central Coast Clash)

12 Min. AMRAP (15 Min. for those accordingly)

Run 1 mile

then in remaining time…

Clean & Jerk Ladder (10 reps each weight until the final weight of the ladder. The athletes can use the remaining time to get as many reps at that weight as possible.):
Athletes are responsible for changing out their own weights.
Men: (115, 135, 155, 185), (95,115, 135, 155), (75, 95, 115, 135), (65, 85, 95, 115) (as many as possible in remaining time)
Women: (65, 85, 95, 115), (55, 65, 85, 95), (45, 55, 65, 85), (35, 45, 55, 65) (as many as possible in remaining time)

Hip Mobility Work

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