There is so much to say about the Beachside Beatdown that finding a place to start is darn near impossible. Precision CrossFit will be open a year in April, and as of February 23, 2013 we had over 40 athletes compete representing their Precision blue proudly. While driving home with Em I began talking about the event with her. I told her how proud I was, moments that stuck out to me, things that caught me eye, and anything else that I could think of. Then I exclaimed; “how am I going to write a re-cap about this event? There is just so much to say!” Em smiled at me and said; “write down everything you just spoke about.” So here goes nothing.

Although, I would love to write about each team and their performances, I do not have enough time. I mean there is so much to say as you were all so incredible! I could go on for days, but then it would just be monotonous and boring. Although, you all truly deserve your moment in the spotlight I hope this re-cap will suffice. What I can say about you all as a whole was how well you carried yourselves. You all showed up on time, stuck to your heat assignments, and gave it everything you had. You were respectful and courteous, and whenever you had the energy cheered in support of your follower CrossFitter. Nathan, of Beachside CrossFit, sent me a message Sunday exclaiming how cool it was to have a fellow box such as Precision for Beachside to do events with. His members loved wodding with us as the vibe, throughout the whole day, was positive and energetic. I had so many proud moments on Saturday. Here are a fiew highlights that stuck out to me.


Watching my mom doing her first ever CrossFit comp. That was just so cool. Finally for the first time in our lives, Daniel and I got to cheer her on in an athletic event. She definitely held her own. Not to mention Jill was kicking ass right next to her. Watching her too was amazing. I remember the days were Jill could not even squat, let alone dead lift 135lbs!!! Of course, seeing my wife back in action after our 2nd child was awesome. She is back baby and I freaken love it! Although, she is not her dominate self just yet, I saw that look of determination in her eyes and that competitive fire that I fall in love with every time she throws down. I am definitely looking forward to her becoming great again! Braden competing for the first time was spectacular as he demonstrated strength, capacity, and a calmness that I had never seen him administer before. This is another great example that competition brings out the best in everyone. Sean nailing 20 muscle up’s in wod #2 was freaken bad ass, considering he just learned them less than a month ago! Kelli and Crystal were a ton a fun to watch, and I kept thinking what an awesome team they were throughout the whole day. They just really impressed me and knowing that they are just beginning their CrossFit journeys makes me very excited for their futures. Watching Brian compete for the first time also was very cool. The best part though was seeing his face after every wod. He just had this look that screamed; “Oh my gosh, I am done!” However, he hung in there and battled it out. Juan stringing his muscle up’s together also was super cool. Not to mention his daughter, Cami, kicked some butt in the modified division with her partner Sydney. They were fun to watch as I do not get to see them much being noon class members. Witnessing how far they have come tells me two things. One, they work hard and two, we have damn good coaching! As always Brad and Cory were like little fairy’s with their gymnastics, haha. V and Smiley were dominate, as I thought they would be, taking 1st place in wod #2, which in my opinion was the toughest wod of the day. Allen and Greg M. were also impressive with Greg hitting 16 muscle up’s in competition and Allen hitting 4. Not bad for a guy who got his first official muscle up on Thursday night! Rusty and Richie were relentless, never giving up at any portion of the wod’s. Even when they were done physically they stayed mentally strong and showed absolutely no quit. Eric and Dustin were a blast to watch, although I only saw the end of their workouts as Dan and I were in the same heats. I remember a scene with them striving to finish wod #2 and a slew of Precision and Beachside people screaming for them asking for just 1 more rep. This was a very cool moment. They have been doing CrossFit for 4 months now. They were in the top heat, which can be very nerve racking for anyone doing their first competition, and they went RX’d only coming a few reps shy of finishing every workout Saturday. Pretty darn impressive! Liz and Sara were as advertised throwing down for a 2nd place finish overall amongst the RX’d women! Of course Katie and Crystal dominated, as I knew they would. However, they did not just take first amongst the women they also took 4th overall combined. Even taking 1st place overall in wod #4. That is really impressive, and I am sure glad they are on our team, hahaha. I loved watching Adam stay technically sound during his toes to bar and muscle ups, while watching Melanie look sound during her snatch reps. I remember thinking how great her technique looked out there on several occasions. Once again Angie was impressive, Hunter and Mike G. were serious bad asses, and Brooke and Lei were so fun to watch. Hunter has gotten so good, and I remember the days where Mike G. could barely lift 155lbs off the ground. Brooke and Lei never showed any quite claiming 4th place overall in the modified division, a very cool spot for two of our fun loving morning peeps. Oh, and yes it was cool to claim a first place victory alongside my little bro. However, what made that part the coolest was having all of you surrounding us screaming and cheering. You all willed us to victory on some of those wod’s and without your support, who knows how we would have fared. Loved the support PC but this day truly was all about you!


Precision CrossFit you showed poise and commitment on Saturday. You never gave up, and when you were tired you resorted to your technique to pull you through. This is something I always preach, and seeing it in action was incredible. You guys mingled with all the awesome people of Beachside well, and learned to love them as much as I do. You came out in droves to support one another even bringing entire families. It was awesome to meet wives and kids that I had heard so much about. Little D had a blast with all of you, and it is cool to see my kid interact with such amazing role models. We had over 100 people representing strong for Precision CrossFit Saturday. Greg and I could not believe how far we have come in such a short time, and the community we have built together. Mixing it with the awesome community of beachside CrossFit and you have a recipe for success and great times. You all are very special. Thank you for believing in us, calling us your home box and for supporting each other always! Also, thank you to Beachside CrossFit for the phenomenal event. Here’s to the next one!




3 Rounds

30 Double Unders (60 Singles)

10 Front Squats (45/35/15)

10 Strict Press

10 Good Mornings


3 x 3 Ball up into Ext.

Pair With:

3 x 3 Hollow Taps


Strict Press

4 @ 60%

4 @ 65%

3 @ 70%

3 @ 70%



18 Min. AMRAP

15 Box Jumps (24/20) (20/12)

12 Push Press (115/75) (95/65) (75/55) (65/45)

9 T2B


Shoulder Mobility

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