Three years ago when envisioning what I wanted the Precision community to become, one word came to mind: family. Greg and I wanted Precision to be a place where everyone was a part of something bigger themselves. Where they could bring their loved ones and be proud to show off their gym. Where they could bring their kids and be honored to have a room of amazing role models influencing their children. This Saturday demonstrated that Precision is all those things. Some amazing things went down. People PR’d, several podiumed, everyone dug deep, but most importantly you humbly cheered for everyone. It was evident that everyone genuinely wanted to see others be successful. I had countless people come up to me to mention how impressed they were with the Precision community. Of course, they mentioned the athletic prowess; however, this was always followed by how nice everyone was. That we did not come across as arrogant or egotistical. I graciously accepted all the compliments, but knew I had a smile from ear to ear. I mean, of course, I did. I am just so proud of you all. We are a family. No one is valued more than anyone else and that is why we are successful. We believe in each other and know what we are capable of doing together. Throw in the amazing community of Beachside CrossFit and you have a recipe for a great time. Well done, Precision CrossFit. I’m proud to be a part of this family.




500 M. Row

25 Thrusters (45/35/15)

15 Strict Pull Ups


Hip and Shoulder Mobility


3 Rounds (At a Walking Pace)

5 RDL @ 105% 1RM Clean

6e DB Row

10 Assisted Glute-Ham Extensions

10 Strict T2B


Paused Front Squat

3 @ 65%

3 @ 70%

3 @ 75%

3 @ 80 %

3 @ 85%



5 Rounds

12 Thrusters (95/65) (75/55) (65/45) (55/35)

12 T2B


Mobilize & Stretch

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