Nathan Doud “DOODY” has been a long time friend and supporter of us all since he opened his box a few years ago up in Ventura, Ca. Much of the ideals used to open Precision came directly from Nathan’s advice in what it takes to create a successful CrossFit. He has one of the best community’s out there who will make anyone feel at home. His box is top-notch and although we will all miss the O.G. Beachside CrossFit I know his new home is nothing short of astounding. I myself, have had a lot of PR’s in the O.G. Beachside Box and will miss it but know I will set many new ones training with my buddy Nathan at his new spot. In honor of Nathan and his friendship Precision CrossFit will be closed on Saturday as I am asking our awesome Precision CrossFit community to come out in full force to wod, eat, drink and celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of Beachside CrossFit.

Just to reiterate there will be NO classes this Saturday. You can all still get your WOD on though as they will be having two wods throughout the day with wod #1 beginning at 10:30 am. A potluck will follow directly after with wod #2 happening in the middle of all this for everyone’s entertainment. Lets show how strong the Precision CrossFit Community is and show up in full support tomorrow!!!

Go here for directions:


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