I truly think the Beachside Beatdown is Precision CrossFit’s favorite event of the year. Not only do we get to work out with our friends and the awesome Beachside community, but we also get to do it for an awesome charitable cause. I know I say this every time, but I am so impressed by our community. You all performed superbly and humbly. With all your increasing abilities I definitely have my worries in regards to your performances. It is not whether or not I think you will do well. It is how those we compete against will handle your performances, how you will handle your performances, and how we will be perceived as a gym.

I actually think about this often as we are beginning to podium regularly in all levels of competition. I don’t want Precision to come across as arrogant or conceited. I want us to be known for our hard work, rather than our success in the competition arena. We are successful because we train hard and we keep a positive mindset. Not because we are just better than you. It is important for me that people know this. However, I know not everyone believes this, so I try and control what I can, which is how you all handle yourselves…which is always awesomely!

I did my very best, along with Nathan, to put on a great event. We both look at it as a way of giving back to our members. We wanted you all to have a blast and I know we accomplished this task. I was stoked to see all your PR’s in the Clean & Jerk ladder. I mean, Mario and Vid, you are bad asses! Christine Rees with that easy 175. My wife PR’d at 185. I always love when she hits milestones. It was awesome watching the intensity in our Masters and the intensity on Kenzie Levine’s face as she studded around the ladder looking like a truly confident weight lifter. And, how about Katie and Crystal? Always a blast to watch them lift in that environment. As always this event did not disappoint.

Moving on into the final 3 workouts I truly believe Coach D summed it up the best:

“I must say. I feel a part of something bigger than myself…. I enjoyed just being with my Precision CrossFit family. It’s the only family I have really … Glad I got to spend it with my friends … And very cool to see the progress of everyone and the 100% effort… You could literally feel that each team member would die for each rep… I’m so pumped for this year’s open ….”

Everything he said is correct. We are all a big family who had a blast cheering each other on. It was electric on the competition floor watching you all battle each other. I often use this comp to gauge where Precision is going into the Open and I must say… you are all ready! We all had every right to get excited. Each of you truly put it all on the line and in doing so achieved new heights in your fitness journeys. I am so proud of you. Congratulations to all of you that stood on that podium. All your hard work is truly paying off.

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3 Rounds

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs


Mobilize Hips





Row for Max Meters

*Score is total meters completed. (Compare to 5/13/15, 6/15/15, 8/11/15, 9/22/15, 10/22/15, 12/2/15, 1/5/16)

**Record and keep for future comparisons.

***Male goal more than 11,000 M. Ladies goal more than 10,000 M.


Roll & Mobilize

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