Class Structure

Warm Up

We all know we need to warm up before we workout but many do not know how to warm up properly. At Precision CrossFit we take our programming one step further figuring in a proper warm up specific to the movements you will be doing in the days WOD (Workout of the Day).


CrossFit is composed of many skills, whether it is in gymnastics, weightlifting, or something outside the box. Each day in class there is a specific skill that will be focused on in order to harness all that you are learning, and bridge the gap in your efficiency. What makes CrossFit so fun is that there is always some skill to get better at or master. In this section of your workout you will get some much needed extra time and focus with our quality coaches.


Strength is an integral part of any fitness routine, especially CrossFit. At Precision we pride ourselves in being experts in the field of weightlifting. Unlike a majority of fitness facilities, Precision CrossFit is composed of true strength and conditioning coaches. We program in a specific way to make YOU stronger hence lowering one’s body fat and helping you gain that physique you always dreamed of. In this portion of your daily workout focus is placed on technique and specific strength needed for your WOD, and daily life.


The workout of the day (WOD) portion of the day’s workout is where CrossFit gets its reputation from. In this section the bulk of the day’s activities will take place as you join in the programming that has made Precision CrossFit famous. In this portion a specific workout, which is normally high in intensity and short in duration, takes place. The skills and lifts you have learned as well as cardiovascular exercises may be incorporated to encompass the WOD. What makes it fun is it constantly varies so you never do the same thing twice. Come take part in what makes CrossFit so special!

Post WOD

In this section we pay special attention to cooling down properly after the day’s workouts, and focusing on one’s mobility. This is where the real work is done with one’s longevity. Recovering properly and mobilizing one’s body for the following day is essential to remaining healthy throughout your CrossFit journey.