Happy Birthday Mike!


Two young kids, a beautiful wife, a great house, and one badass gym. Mike has done amazing for himself at just the age of 30. My brother is truly one of those people that sets his mind to a task and won’t let anything stand in his way. He is one of the most profound  coaches in the country at such a young age. Not only is he an incredible coach but also a legit CrossFit athlete and its amazing how far he has come.

It seems like yesterday we were playing in the yard making up games, playing basketball, football and any other thing we could think of to compete in. Mike has always been the best brother a guy could have. We’ve done everything together since we were little kids.  Mike coached me in college and was always there every step of the way. Many people don’t know, but when Mike first started CrossFit four years ago he was 255 lbs. The amount of work he has put in is inspiring to me. We’ve competed every chance we have gotten since we were kids and CrossFit has only increased it. I love everyday being able to walk in the gym and throwdown with my best friend and big brother. I know we have countless more years together and many more workouts, laughs, tears and incredible experiences. I love you Mikey, Happy Birthday!


Well said Daniel. As for me (Smiley), I can say that Mike has influenced me in so many ways. I have played sports my entire life and Mike has coached me like no other. He knows how to bring me up, make me think positive and bring out the best in me. I was told by many many people that I could not maintain a friendship with my business partner. Bullshit. Our friendship has grown and it’s because of Mike’s unrelenting optimism, his genuine attitude and his incredible desire to succeed. I feel so fortunate to have him as a business partner, coach and friend.

Happy Birthday Mike! We all love you!



400 M Run

3 Rounds of (Cindy)

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Sit Ups


Turkish Get Ups

(work on technique)


Squat Snatch

5 @ 50%

4 @ 60%

3 @ 70%



3 Rounds

7 hang snatch (135/95)(115/75)(95/65)(65/45)
30 double unders
14 hang cleans (135/95)(115/75)(95/65)(65/45)
30 double unders

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