Why do you CrossFit? This is a question I want many of you to ask yourselves today. I think it is a good way to reflect on your current journey in order to define for you what CrossFit means. The majority of us started doing CrossFit as a way to achieve the best fitness levels of our lives. Then the community became a factor and you begin to have more fun being a part of something than ever before. It doesn’t take long to realize, not only are you having a blast but it’s healthy! All of a sudden this fitness routine called CrossFit becomes a huge factor in your life and your gym mates become your extended family. But after this happened do you ask yourself again, why do I love this? In my opinion there is just one reason, FUN. CrossFit is fun dammit! This is why we CrossFit. Where else can you be surrounded by healthy like-minded people and just have a blast working out? Where else can you bring your kids and have them surrounded by such positive role models? Where else can you put it all on the line every day and walk out with a smile on your face? CrossFit is a blast, pure and simple. Everything that encompasses it is fun. So I want you all to do just one little thing. Do not forget it!

We have an amazing community. It is full of many different types of people all with different goals in mind. There are competitive CrossFitter’s that want to compete at a high level and there are those that just want to look good naked. But you all have one very big thing in common. You want to get better. But in getting better you can get frustrated as you want more than anything to achieve that goal set for yourself. I often walk in the gym to see some of you with an unhappy look on your face frustrated by something that did not go right that day. I have seen some of you lose your awesome personalities over failing at a movement. I have heard the terms burned out, tired or unhappy thrown around. Hey, don’t get me wrong I can be that person too sometimes. However, when you feel this way it is then time to remember one thing. We are here to have fun, dammit! We CrossFit because it is fun! Don’t get so wrapped up by what you want to accomplish to the point where it takes the fun out of what it is you are doing. Always remember to enjoy the ride. Put a smile on your face, and relish getting better. Don’t take it so seriously. You have got to want to have fun. Let it be the sole reason why you CrossFit and always hold on to it guys. We CrossFit because we want to have fun, that includes all the achievement’s and most of all, every failure. See you in the gym!




500 M. Row


Mobilize and Foam Roll


3 x 60 Sec. Plank

*Add weight to back if easy!


Strict Press

3 @ 65%

3 @ 70%

2 x 3 @ 75%

Pair With:

Bent Over Row

4 x 5 (Use your Strict Press weight)


“ROW P.S.”

4 Rounds

400 M. Row

20 Push Up’s

20 Sit Up’s

*You can also do this as a partner wod if you would like switcing back and forth.


Stretch and Mobilize


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