We had a heck of a weekend. Three athletes and three top 10 finishes. We are super excited for what we accomplished as a coaching team. Just like every year, it was a roller-coaster of a ride. Lots of up’s and down’s. There was new terrain to deal with that definitely took some getting used to. It was a ton of fun being in Madison for the Games. The city put on a show unlike we ever thought would be seen in this sport. However, it will be nice to head home to all of you and our families. Then we will have a quick turn around as we head to the CrossFit World Police and Fire Games next weekend. Once this is over we can finally put a stamp on this 2017 CrossFit Games season and chalk it up as the best one yet. Thank you to everyone for your support. See you soon!

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50 Jump Rope Singles

10 Bumper Jacks 2″

10 Bumper Jacks 4″

10 Y’s, T’s, & W’s

10 Reverse Flys

2 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 Good Mornings

10 OHS

10 Snatch Extensions

10 Snatch Pulls




EMOM 10 


ADV & INT= 2 Muscle Ups w/ a 20 Sec. Support Hold at top

BEG = 30 Sec. Ring Support Hold

EVEN: 20 Hollow Rocks


Full Snatch

3 @ 65%

4 x 3 @ 70%



4 Rounds

50 Double Unders

15 Power Snatch (95/65) (75/55) (65/45) (55/35)

*Sub. 100 Jump Rope Singles accordingly.


2 Rounds

10 Y’s, T’s, & W’s

10 Reverse Flys

10 Face Pulls

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