Today marks our final day with Hunter Knowles as a coach at Precision CrossFit. Although it is extremely bitter-sweat. We know it is for an amazing opportunity that Hunter is gaining in becoming a part of the Santa Monica Police Department. Even though Hunter will be leaving us, I know he will back one day to coach, just in a different capacity. I have been a strength & conditioning coach for over 10 years now and have been lucky enough to mentor and work with a handful of great coaches. I say this truthfully, I have never had a coach that I have been more proud of. I have never had a coach that has blossomed such as Hunter. His willingness and ability to learn is second to none. His ability to motivate, and educate is second to none. His personality, demeanor, and love for coaching is special. I have enjoyed thoroughly the last few years with Hunter, as not the only the coach of Precision CrossFit, but the General Manager as well. So much of what you see, experience, and undertake at Precision CrossFit has been because of Hunter. His grasp of the community has been superior in aiding to Precision’s growth as one of the top CrossFit’s not only in So Cal, but in the nation. We are known for our coaching at Precision, and this means that we are known in part because of Hunter Knowles. Greg and I are going to sincerely miss you Hunter. We know that we will never be able to replace a man such as you, but what we can do is find someone to create their own legacy at Precision such as you did. I know that this is exactly what Jose will do, create his own path for those to follow. However, Hunter you sure did a heck of job clearing that pathway. Thank you for everything you have done for Precision. Good luck my friend.




3 Rounds

200 M. Run

10 Push Ups

10 Air Squats

5 Strict Pull Ups


5 Min. of Mobility


L Sit

*Accumulate a total of 90 Sec.

Pair With:

3 x 10 V-Ups


Front Squat

3 @ 80%

2 @ 90%

1 @ 95%

*2 Rounds 3-2-1, then 3-2-1



For Time:

400 M. Run

50 Air Squats

400 M. Run

50 Weighted Sit Ups (45/25) (25/15) (15/10) (10/5)

400 M. Run

50 Push Ups

400 M. Run



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