Greg Smiley resident bad ass, coach, and co-owner of Precision CrossFit should be extremely excited that today, Thursday August 2, 2012 he turns 45 years old. I know I sure am. I mean it should be about as big a deal as when he turned 16 and was allowed to get a driver’s license; wait was that possible back then? It should also be as big a deal as when he turned 18 and was allowed to see dirty movies, I know you did buddy, haha. Heck it should even be as big as the day he turned 21 and was allowed to drink legally for the first time. You may ask, why is Smiles turning 45 a big deal? Well Smiles can now officially qualify for the CrossFit Games as a Masters competitor being only a month shy this past season. That is correct folks we might very well see our beloved Greg Smiley throwing down in the Home Depot Center next year!!! Greg is hungry to get there and make a big splash. As his coach, I am more than happy Greg turns 45 today. I look forward to the challenge of helping such an amazing athlete attain his goals. That’s if he doesn’t hurt himself with some in adamant object in the process, hahaha. I may just put him in a padded room a month or two before the games just to make sure he stays healthy!

All jokes a side without Greg entering my life, Precision CrossFit would not be a reality. He gave me the confidence along with Marty that Precision CrossFit could be a reality and that as a team we could offer the amazing Ventura County community a true CrossFit establishment. Although, Greg is an amazing athlete he is also a phenomenal coach understanding the intricacies of how to properly teach the movements of CrossFit. In addition, Greg is always willing to learn. He virtually has no ego, which only makes him better every day as he learns from anyone or anything willing to teach him. Happy Birthday coach, athlete, father, husband, box owner, and officer you are a man who wears many hats but wear them all well. You are an example to many and a role model for us all. Thank you for your friendship and for your leadership. I learn from you every day. Enjoy!

P.S. Greg asked for today’s workout! Crazy SOB!!




500 M. Row

25 Thrusters (45/35/15)


3 Min. of Shoulder and Hip Mobility Prep


10 Min. to work up to body weight Clean & Jerk

*Work technique!




45 Squat Clean & Jerks @ Body Weight

Mod. (75% of BW) (65% of BW) (55% of BW) (45% of BW)

*This is 100% what Smiley wanted to do on his 45th birthday. Yes he is a little sick in the head.


Foam Roll or just lay there! Hahaha!

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