In the 9 months Chrissy has been with us, she has made a lasting impression. Her giant personality, superb coaching abilities, and athletic prowess all are something to be admired. She regularly leaves the members of Precision inspired with her abilities and work ethic. However, one of my favorite qualities of Chrissy’s is her ability to persevere. I have seen Chrissy succeed and fail; however, regardless of the outcome her work ethic and drive to better herself remain constant. Since becoming a part of Precision, Chrissy has put herself out there more than ever before. She has made her goals of competing at the highest of levels known. Due to this she has become more aggressive with her training, nutrition, and focus. She placed 25th in the 2015 Open and qualified for the USA Weightlifting American Open. However, Chrissy will not be satisfied until she is standing on that California Regional floor and walking on to the platform at Nationals. Because of her near misses, sometimes for reason’s beyond her control, Chrissy has become all that much mentally stronger as an athlete. Near misses are a part of greatness. The best athletes must fail before they can succeed. Chrissy Baron is one of these athletes. She is tenacious. She wants success badly. She is persistent and she has persevered through heart ache. Because of this she is dangerous, and when she reaches that mountain top–that she has worked ever so hard for–it will taste that much sweeter. Happy Birthday, Chrissy. Your hard work inspires others, and I know you will accomplish your goals. Enjoy the day!



400 M. Run or Row

25 Thrusters (45/35/15)

10 Strict Pull Ups


5 Min. Hip and Shoulder Mobility


Advanced / Int: Find 1RM Weighted Strict Ring Dip (TEST)

Scaled: 4 x 5 Strict Ring Dip


Back Squat (Test)

Work to a new 1RM


“JACKIE” (Test)

For Time:

1000 M. Row

50 Thrusters (45) (35) (25) (15)

30 Pull Ups


Shoulder and Hip Mobility

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