In honor of Coach Butch’s birthday I wanted to re-post a blog I wrote back in November. Butch was my coach growing up and is the reason why I decided to pursue a career in Strength & Conditioning. He has been a mentor and a dear friend since my childhood and on this day I want to wish him the happiest of birthdays!


A Mentor to Me

I have been meaning to write this blog about Butch Pierson for some time now. It has lingered in the back of my mind with every accomplishment he and I attain. Maybe I have not written it because I’m not quite sure what to say. I mean, how do I describe a man who has been such a huge role model for me? He is the reason why I am a strength & conditioning coach. He’s the reason why I love weightlifting so much. He’s a huge reason why I am the man I am today. 

Lately, several people have begun to notice the bond Butch and I have. They say we have an unspoken communication at meets and are impressed by our ability to bring the best out of our athletes. I also know some who think they know me have been shocked; I have gotten questions in regards to my ego with Butch. Does it bother me that he works with my athletes when I’m not around? Do I care when he makes programming or technical suggestions in regards to an athlete? I laugh at these questions because it never really crosses my mind. I was taught by my college football coach that the key to success in coaching is to surround yourself with other great coaches. That it’s ok for your assistants to be better than you. I don’t consider Butch to be my assistant even though on paper he is. I consider him to be a mentor and family to me. He has done more than teach me how to coach. He’s taught me how to talk to others,  how to listen better, and how to think before I speak. I’ve traveled the nation with Butch and see it as spending quality time with a fatherly figure, not a coach. His presence is massive to my success and we both have a tremendous amount of love and respect for each other. So, no, I really don’t have an ego in regards to him and if I did… he would put it in check, hahahaha. That is just the kind of relationship we have. Not everyone gets to work with a guy like Butch and I truly do cherish every moment and am grateful for the opportunities I have with him.

When it comes to coaching, Butch and I really do compliment each other. The things one loves to do, the other prefers less. I love the intricacies of programming while he loves the preciseness of technique. I like to coach the whole lift while Butch likes to focus on the development of the minor details of a weightlifter’s anatomy. However, we both compliment each other elegantly.  But one thing reigns true for us both… we are ferocious competitors with big hearts. We care very much for our athletes. We want them to succeed in all walks of their lives. Because of this, we’ll do almost anything for them. When they succeed, we’re on top of the moon, and when they fail, we are always beside ourselves. People always like to hear my goals, especially those that know that I’m always creating them. One of my goals has always been to be the man Butch is right now. Here is what I mean by that.

One day, I want to have a young apprentice whom I taught everything I know to. A guy who loves me like a father, whose life was molded by me. He’s an equally great coach yet still has much to learn. We both will learn from each other. I’ll work the cards while he works the warm up area, but we’ll come together collectively for our athlete’s success. Each one of us will bring some different psychology to the table and we will succeed as a unit. One day the prodigy will become the master and I will be in charge of doing what Butch has done for me: to create a great coach while not only molding his coaching abilities but also his every day life choices. Butch, thank you for being the role model, coach, and man that you are. I would not be here without you.



Mobilize Shoulders


10 Pass Throughs

10 Face Pulls

10 Reverse Fly’s

10 Y’s, T’s, & W’s


50 Double Unders

30 Bumper Jacks

2 Rounds

10 High Shrugs

10 High Pulls

10 OHS



1 Hang Snatch

*Work to a heavy single.


7 Min. Of Ring Muscle Up Work.

*Adv. work to a 1RM Weighted Strict MU



7 Rounds

1 Snatch (185/135) or 80% 1RM

3 Muscle Ups

30 Double Unders (120 Singles)

*Sub. Strict C2b Pull Ups for MU accordingly. Feel free to do Bar MU as well.


10 Face Pulls

10 Reverse Fly’s

10 Y’s, T’s, & W’s


Shoulder Mobility

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