A very happy birthday to the man with the most bad ass beard Erik Watt! Since Erik walked into Precision’s doors he hasn’t stop telling me how sadistic he thinks I am, hahaha! He calls me an A-hole when need be but loves every minute of it! In all seriousness Erik has improved on so many levels. He has gotten stronger, has recovered from a back and shoulder injury to do things he never thought possible like hit a huge Dead Lift PR and get his first muscle up! He has also designed some of the most bad ass competition shirts through his company, Ink Works! Erik is a man of many talents and has made Precision CrossFit a better place since his arrival. Happy Birthday buddy, enjoy!

P.S. if people hate this wod it is completely your fault and I hope you get flicked off several times, hahaha! Enjoy!!



100 Jump Rope Singles


2 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 Good Mornings

10 OHS

10 Inch Worms


5 Min. of Mobility


10 Min. to Work Turkish Get Up Technique w/ Bar

*Have fun. Start with a KB and work your way up!


Dead Lift

5 x 5 @ 65%



500 M. Row

21 Pull Ups

21 Dead Lift (165/115)

50 Double Unders

15 Pull Ups

15 Dead Lift

500 M. Row

9 Pull Ups

9 Dead Lift


Roll & Mobilize

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