A warm happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Aunt to my children, new Mommy to baby Jack, and overall bad ass Katie Tromello (Crowe). Obviously, I know Katie quite well and we as a gym could not be happier for all of her accomplishments. She works hard in all avenues of her life and has achieved great success both personally and athletically. She also does a great job of taking care of that big baby of hers… and it is not Jack, hahaha! Not many brother-in-laws get the opportunities that I do with Katie. I know her on a different level being her coach as well. We have gotten to experience so many awesome moments together as coach / athlete. What is cool is that I get to experience all of her awesome personal accomplishments as a close family member as well. The Tromello family is the definition of a remarkably close family. Having this bond with Katie to begin with just makes the family even stronger. It also nice that my wife has a friend that she can talk to about the crazy Tromello brothers in all our glory, hahaha. It is awesome to see how close they are as well. Happy Birthday little sis from all of us at Precision CrossFit!



100 Jump Rope Singles

10 Bumper Jacks 2″

10 Bumper Jacks 4″


3 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs

10 Good Mornings

10 Clean Shrugs

10 Clean Pulls

10 Front Squats


Hip Mobility

SKILL: (Gymnastic Capacity – T2B Test)


6 T2B

*At min. 8 add 1 rep and stop on the 12th minute.

EX: 8 = 7, 9 = 8, 10 = 9, 11 = 10, 12 = 11

**Record your score.



Warm up to 60% 1RM

WOD: (Max Strength Test)



1 Clean (Start at 60% 1RM)

50 Double Unders

(Add 10lbs every round)

*Score = total tonnage and final weight lifted.


Hip and Shoulder Mobility

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