Over the past few months I have heard various “labels” about Precision CrossFit. The whole “competition team” thing has come up, and my favorite, that we are a “competition gym.” Usually, I laugh at all these labels because I know the truth about our little family. When people cannot explain something, they choose to label it. When they get jealous, they choose to hate it. When they can’t compete, they choose to talk negatively about it.

But calling us a “competitor’s gym” is just, plain ol’, downright…true.

Let me explain.

Last I checked, CrossFit centers around having a workout clock and a leader board. It is based off the philosophy of “For Time” and “As Many Reps as Possible.” It’s you against the clock. You against your fatigue. You against you. When the workout is over, you also place your scores on a board to be compared to others. This sounds like a competition to me, does it not?

All we do at Precision is to do CrossFit.

So, yes, we are a gym for competitors only. Because if you don’t want to give your best, if you don’t want to do the work, if you want to cheat yourself, then Precision isn’t for you. We believe that anyone can be a competitor. That’s just crossfit; that’s why when you walk into a box, you’re immediately designated a crossfit athlete. To us, a competitor is not a skill level, but an attitude. Competitor doesn’t mean Games-bound to us. Competitor means bound by personal honor to push yourself toward whatever goal you have. Whether that be showing up or PR-ing or going to the Games. And if it’s good enough to be your goal, then it’s worth doing well, doing intelligently, doing precisely.

If that’s a “competitor’s gym,” then that’s Precision Crossfit.



3 Rounds

30 Double Unders

10 Pass Through’s

10 OHS

10 Good Mornings


Hip & Shoulder Mobility



ODD: Plank Complex

:30 Forward

:30 Alternating Leg Raises (Left Up, Right Up, Etc.)

*Work from the hips.

EVEN: 15 OHS (45) (35) (25) (15)

*Work stability and range of motion.


Back Squat

3 @ 80%

2 @ 90%

1 @ 95%

*2 Rounds 3-2-1, then 3-2-1.





DB / KB Alternating Snatch  (70/50) (60/45) (50/35) (45/25)

Burpee Muscle Ups 

*Sub. Burpee C2B Pull Ups Accordingly.


Shoulder Mobility


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