This Friday is November 1st and you know what that means ladies, it’s time for LADIES NIGHT! This class will be coached by the gym’s female coaches to help other female crossfitters with technique, skill, and efficiency. Any skill level is welcome. After class there will be a get together for a girl’s night out! Dinner or drinks or gelato…..OR ALL THREE! Sign-ups are at the front of the gym for those who would like to attend. Please list two or three things you might want to specifically work on during the class. Invite your friends!

Class starts @ 6:30 pm and will be led by Coach Katie Crowe. Make sure to sign up at the front desk!


500 M. Easy Row or Ride


5 Min. of Mobility


Back Squat

7 Min. Cap

Work up to 1 x 5 at 80% 1RM


“30 For 30”

Teams of 2:

30 Min. Of Work

Row / Ride / Erg (Pick your poison)

30 Sec. On / 30 Sec. Off

Max Effort for Total Calories

*Work transitions.

*This is constant work, your partner goes for 30 Sec. then you go. Back and forth for 30 min. Do not count transition time as part of your 30 sec. If no partner just rest for 30 Sec.


Roll and Stretch

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