I read this post written by Lauren and felt compared to share it with you all. It shows the power of the CrossFit community. It proves how a group of like minded people from all walks of life can have an impact on your life. She speaks about stepping out of her comfort zone and about picking yourself up when you fall. I love her take on Precision: “Precision made me internalize one of the key elements of Crossfit, check your ego at the door. As I watched an athlete struggle on muscle up number 10+, they didn’t freak out and pitch a fit, they steadied themselves and did one more rep.” For me this is such an important quote. I often speak about respecting the developmental process. The gym is where you train and in the arena is where you compete. Being strong mentally is about one’s approach to said stresses. Having a family to help you take on these stresses will make you feel invincible. This is all I want for the “Wall of Blue.” For you all to take on challenges together, and when you feel alone, know that you have an army behind you, pulling for you. Lauren Young, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for this post. It is awesome to know what an impact CrossFit has had on your life and not just at Precision, but at Foundry and Chalkline as well.



Happy Second Crossfit Anniversary to me!!!

The adage of “how do you know someone does Crossfit?!? They’ll tell you” is totally true. Beyond the physical benefits I’ve received over the past two years, the life-altering benefits have been surprising. I began Crossfit in the weight room of the school I taught at. My first official box was @foundrycrossfit in La Quinta, where I was pretty green. Having the support of their coaches who patiently taught me what “below parallel” meant, members who thoroughly helped motivate and assist with questions and a friend whom I’d text when wods were posted and ask, “Wait, which one is the push jerk?” was only the beginning. The feeling of soreness each and every time I sat down or stood up was a badge of pride that I was doing something! I soon began replacing happy hours after coaching tennis, with rushing over to the box to try and make the last class. I also found my inner morning workout person and made the early AM wods my friend on days we had a match. Just when I decided, “Hey, I like this stuff and I’m ready to commit to a whole year at Foundry!” I applied for a job I thought I’d never get, got it, sold my house and moved to Agoura. And that’s the end to my Crossfit journey… Ha! Kidding! It can’t end there!

What did I know about the SFV besides the Karate Kid was filmed there? Absolutely nothing, but I signed up with Emily and Jen at @chalklinecrossfit before I even signed the lease to my apartment. There I was able to grow my foundation and start tackling my weaknesses and eventually found my way to kipping pull-ups. I thought moving away from my family and friends would be difficult, but when you’re immersed into a community of people who share your common interests, it’s surprisingly easy to bond and make friends.

Eventually, this baby bird left the nest, and went to Precision CrossFit. Holy bouts of anxiety walking in on my first day!!! Well actually… trying to walk in, pulling on a door that didn’t open, Coach Jose put my embarrassment at ease saying, “It happens all the time” (6 months later I have yet to see it!). But back to the facts, have you seen the Precision athletes?!? What had I gotten myself into? Each day I was filled with self doubt, “there’s no way I can do that!!!” and a slight loathing of this maniac programmer Michael Tromello, but with each passing day my small personal accomplishments began to grow as did my confidence.

Precision made me internalize one of the key elements of CrossFit, check your ego at the door. As I watched an athlete struggle on muscle up number 10+, they didn’t freak out and pitch a fit, they steadied themselves and did one more rep, which was absolutely awe-inspiring. You fail, you fall, but you get back up and pick it up and do it again, and me having a temper tantrum over messing up my double unders was surely not going to get me anywhere but kicked out of the box!

I continued to show up for wods (and struggle haha) and started showing up at competitions to cheer on people I barely knew because I knew this was the place I wanted to be, surrounding myself with greatness.

So what has Crossfit really done for me? Sure, I’ve dropped body fat, gained muscle, learned about nutrition debunking so many myths I grew up believing. But beyond that…

I’ve made lasting friendships. I’ve traveled to various parts of the U.S. visiting boxes where they accept you as one of their own because you’re crazy like they are. I’ve gained mental toughness that if I can survive one of Mike’s crazy long chippers, then a tough week at work isn’t going to break me. I’ve learned to breathe and regain composure when frustrated and about to cry. I’ve learned that Lululemon is so overpriced, but God it feels great. I’ve learned that at 32 years old, I’m nearly 6 ft tall and muscular and will never be a high fashion model size 2, SHOCKING, I know!! (Wish that came to me as a teenager!!!) I’ve also learned that I’m not going to qualify as a Games athlete, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t train like one. I’ve learned that dress clothes aren’t cut for quadzillas, and it’s ok to buy the next size up. I’m also stronger than I think, physically and, more importantly, mentally. I’ve learned that I don’t quit. I’ve learned that soreness is your body thanking you for trying your best.

And most importantly, you should surround yourself in life with the people you admire and can grow from. I can say that through CrossFit the abundance of these people have made my life exceptional, and all because in January of 2013, I opened a door, left my comfort zone and made a commitment.

-Lauren Young


3 Rounds

10 Air Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Pass Throughs




5 x 2 Weighted Ring Dips

*Work to a heavy double

Pair With:

5 x Max Effort L Sit 



20 x 250 M. Rowing Repeats

*Rest :30 Sec. Between Each Set.

**Score is avg. time of all 20 repeats.

Work your oxidative system! Get better today!


125 Sit Ups For Time



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