I love this post by CrossFit HQ because I feel it really brings together not only what CrossFit is about but what Precision stands for. We have this reputation for being a competition centered gym. In all reality only about 10% our members actually compete. When we do compete we do tend to do very well and many ask, why? There are a few reasons. 1) All athletes are prepared and have bettered themselves in more ways than one since coming to us. If these athletes choose to compete than they are prepared to do so. 2) We pay close attention to proper human movement and its beauty. We want every one of our members to have beautiful technique and to be better movers. 3) We instill confidence. The video talks about beauty and confidence. Our athlete’s walk around with a certain swagger once they have begun to better their overall well-being at Precision. Once again, if they choose to compete then they bring this swagger on to the competition floor. Throw in the support of their community and they can become unstoppable.

At Precision we do CrossFit the way it was meant to be done. We create a set plan for all our members and follow it on a yearly basis. We then create additional personalized plans for those wanting to do a little more. We are all about goal reaching and our job is to help everyone achieve their goals regardless of what they are. We are a real strength & conditioning facility that uses CrossFit as its main source of programming. Our members lift weights. They run, row, bike and swim. They mobilize and they work technique on the daily. We love the way we look and we own it every day. The human body is beautiful and I get to watch all our members become even more beautiful every day.




400 M. Row or Run

25 Thrusters (45/35/15)

10 Strict Pull Ups




3 x 10 Supine BB Row

*Place a BB in a Bench Press position on the rack. Lay underneath with hands in a clean grip. Keep your body Hollow and pull yourself up until your chest hits. If too easy put your feet on top of a box.


10 Min to Find New 1RM Clean

WOD: (Compare to 6/20/14)

“JACKIE” (Test)

1000 M. Row

50 Thrusters (45) (35) (25) (15)

30 Pull Ups


Lacrosse Ball Lats and Shoulders

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