You know sometimes I can be the biggest critic about CrossFit and its community. Although I think it is the best part of the lifestyle, I also find it to sometimes be the biggest hindrance. There are a variety of reasons why, all of which get outweighed by the positives. In my Father’s case, darn near over shadowed.

You see, when my Father was sick this summer. My family witnessed overwhelming support from you all. My Dad literally had countless visits in the hospital. Many of which were not even members of Precision CrossFit. No matter how tired he was, sick, or out of it he could not stop talking about how grateful he was. He could re-call every visit and enjoyed many great conversations. All of which took his mind off of things. My family called on the CrossFit community and it answered. I sit here today excited. Why, you ask? Well it is my Dad’s 64th birthday and he is now in great health. He is happy beyond words because he is still around to witness some beautiful things.

He got to witness his son Daniel get married to his now stunning wife Katie. He got to be around for his grandsons 3rd birthday. He got to spend time with his siblings all together for the first time in ages. He will be around for his granddaughter’s birthday next month and the holidays. The list goes on and on. All of this was because of his love for life and his family.

I think today my Father is a better person, not that he wasn’t incredible before. It is just that now I think he savers everything a bit more. He was not ready to go this summer when he fought gallantly for his life. He has never been a quitter that is for sure. He raised Daniel and I to be the same way. Never give up on anything, and when you start something you better finish it. Oh, and always give it your all. You see my family is never half in with anything. It is all or nothing. We love each other as hard as we hate. We are each other’s biggest fans and harshest critics. It is the Tromello way, and although I have hated it at times. It is because of this man, and my passionately loving Mother that Daniel and I are the way that we are. Love it or hate it, haha.

I learned a lot over the ordeal my family went through this summer. Although it was horrific at times, my family really came together. I will never forget heading to the hospital with by brother in order to walk our Father around to get him some exercise. It was funny because although he was really weak he wanted to know how we were holding up. That and just like my Dad has always been he acted as if he was parading his sons proudly around on his arms. No matter how sick, we still were and always will be the center of his world and he was damn proud of us. Talk about strength through adversity. Every night when I brought his Grandchildren by to see him, he would light up in a way I have never witnessed before. Talk about pulling the positive out of a negative situation. To all of you that came to see him. He made sure to tell me about each and every one of your conversations. For this I thank you all as words cannot express my gratitude enough.

Today on my Dad’s 64th birthday he is healthy, happy and loved hard. He has danced at his son’s wedding and plans to never miss a play date with his Grandchildren. All of your support are part of this reason. Today we wod to honor my Father’s birthday. Let’s kick some ass! Happy Birthday old man, love you!





400 M. Run / Row

2 Rounds

5 Pass Throughs (Over)

5 Pass Throughs (Under)

10 OHS

10 Good Mornings

10 Lunges



5 Strict Pull Ups

*Hollow Hold the remainder of each minute.


Back Squats

5 @ 70%

3 @ 80%

2 @ 90%

*2 Rounds 5-3-2, then 5-3-2



For Time:

10 Back Squats (275/190) or 80% 1RM

1 Mile Run

15 Muscle Ups

*Sub. 30 Pull Ups for Muscle Ups Accordingly.


Shoulder & Hip Mobility

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