Our spotlighted member of the week is Hunter Knowles. Hunter came to Precision within our first month open and instantly made himself a home. He came from a very reputable gym in Dogtown CrossFit of Culver City, and knew what he was looking for in a box. When Hunter walked into the door it was obvious that he had been taught well, but needed improvement, like us all, in several areas. Since then, Hunter has morphed both physically and mentally. His flexibility and mobility have drastically improved. He has gotten significantly stronger as his numbers have sky rocketed as of late. His body has changed significantly as you can tell he has gained more muscle and become leaner. To top it off Hunter goes RX’d in almost every workout and will be competing in his first competition November 17!! He is visibly more confident in his abilities and improves on a regular basis. The gains Hunter has made are incredible and all due to his work ethic and love for CrossFit. He has become a large part of our CrossFit community and brings such an amazing presence to Precision. Hunter will be a Father here very soon as he and his wife are expecting. I know he will be an amazing parent as his love for people is contagious. We at Precision cannot wait to welcome gym baby #3 to the mix! Sorry Hunter I had to take #1 and #2, hahaha! I have said it once and I will say it again. What makes Precision CrossFit special is not the programming or what the gym looks like. It is not the music or the coaching. It is the people that make up the community. It is guys like Hunter! Thank you Hunter for choosing Precision to be your new home several months ago and thank you for becoming such a huge part of it. Here’s to many big things to come! Together We are One


400 M. Run

3 Rounds

5 Pull Ups

10 Sit Ups

15 Air Squats


5 Min. of Muscle Up Work

-Ring Swings

-Ice Cream Makers

-Band Transitions

5 Min. of Sand Bag Technique Work

-Pick up to Knees


-Hip Drive



1000 M. Row

10 Sand Bag Ground to Shoulder (135/90) (105/70) (90/60) (70/50)

800 M. Row

10 Deficit HSPU (2 x 45 ‘s) (1 x 45’s) (1 x 25’s) (1 x 15’s)

600 M. Row

10 Dead Lifts (315/205) (275/185) (225/165) (205/135)

400 M. Row

10 Muscle Ups

*Proper time will be allowed to warm up dead lift.


Shoulder Mobility

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