You guys asked for it you got it! WOD #3 from the O.C. Throwdown this weekend, enjoy. Also we want to say thank you to all those that made it down this weekend. Your support was felt during every workout. Every one of us could think of a special moment when you guys pushed us through to the finish. Without your cheers it probably would not of happened. Love you all. Expect a full re-cap sometime this week!


4 x 250 M. Row

*Work up to a sprint

Front Squat

2 Rounds
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
2 @ 90%

“O.C.T.D. #3”

For Time: (15 Min. Cap)
3 Rounds
8 Shoulder to Over Head (190/135) (165/85) (135/75) (115/55)
14 Pistols

3 Rounds
8 Front Squats
16 GHD Sit Ups (Mod. Ab Mat Sit Ups)

3 Rounds
4 Ground to Over Head
2 Rope Climbs

*Stay techniquely sound. Take your time before climbing up the rope. Ask Mike why, hahaha… Well it was not so funny then. 🙂

Foam Roll Everything

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