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We respect your privacy.  We may collect your voluntarily-provided name and email address.  We will not share or sell that information with any third parties for sales or marketing purposes without your explicit permission.

We may disclose information if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to respond to a legal request or to enforce our Terms of Use Agreement.

As with most other websites, we may collect some non-personally identifiable information when you visit the Website including your IP address, your Internet service provider, and location-based information.

If you opt in, we may send you information periodically about our services, including our monthly newsletter, information about upcoming events, and schedule updates and/or changes at the gym.  You may opt out at any time by contacting

Emalee translation: We won’t sell you out but if you do something bad and the law requires it, we’ll cooperate.  We’ll only send you information if you say it’s OK.


Use of Site; Limited License

The text, images, files, logos, music, and sounds (the “Content”) found on this Website are the property of Precision CrossFit or their respective owners.  Content may not be modified, reproduced, or redistributed in any way.

Emalee translation: All of the stuff on this site doesn’t belong to you, so don’t steal any of it because stealing is wrong.



Medical Disclaimer

The content of this Website and the advice of the coaches at Precision CrossFit are not a substitute for professional medical advice.  The content of this Website and the advice of your coaches are provided for informational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or treat any injury or condition.  If you have a new or existing injury or medical condition, seek treatment from a medical professional, especially prior to beginning any new exercise regimen.

Emalee translation:  You are responsible for your own health.  Don’t try to cure yourself of anything using stuff you find on the internets.  Call a doctor.



You may link to but you must attribute the linked content to  The linking website may not make any claims of ownership of, endorsement by, or affiliation with may contain links to other websites or third parties.  We do not claim any responsibility for, ownership of, endorsement by, or affiliation with any of the sites to which we may link.

Emalee translation:  We like our friends but we’re not responsible for them or anything that they might do.


Revisions to the Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy

We may, without prior notice, revise the Terms of Use Agreement and/or Privacy Policy at any time, at our discretion. We will update our Website and the revisions will be effective immediately at the time of posting.  You agree to periodically review the Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy.  Your continued use and access of the Website any of its content constitutes your acceptance of the revised terms listed in this Agreement.

Emalee translation: This agreement may change over time.  Read it once in a while and make sure you’re still OK with everything on this page.


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Date of Final Revision: February 28, 2012