In two weeks the WOD GEAR TEAM SERIES will be upon us. Eight of our beloved athlete’s will be competing repping the Precision blue. I want to encourage all of those not competing to come out and support everyone. Spectators are free of charge and it’s pretty darn cool that you get to be on the field of the Rose Bowl watching the sport that you love. A ton of effort has gone into making this competition a success. It will be fun for all with some action packed workouts, awesome vendors, and healthy food trucks to keep your day filled up. Along with this, you will also have access to tent city where you can hang with everyone during some down time. Please come out in full support and wear your Precision blue shirts. The box with the most supporters wins free equipment from Functional, which would be awesome!! That and I can speak from experience how awesome it is to see you all repping your colors cheering us on. It is something special. See you there!!


350 M. Row (Easy)

350 M. Row (Mod.)

350 M. Row (Mod.)

350 M. Row (Sprint)


7 Min. of Muscle Up Work

-Ring Swings

-Ice Cream Makers



Hang Squat Clean

5×2 @ 75%

*Work technique of second pull


“O.C.T. #1”


Muscle Ups

Squat Clean to Overhead

Men: (225-205-185-155-135) (205-185-155-135-115) (185-155-135-115-95) (155-135-115-95-75)

Women: (155-135-115-95-75) (135-115-95-75-65) (115-95-75-65-55) (95-75-65-55-45)

*Athlete must change their weight out between sets
**May sub MU for Jumping MU, MU from knee’s, MU Transitions or C2B Pull Ups


Shoulder Mobility

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