We would like to take this time to recognize Julie, Christina, and Jeff who represented us at the Weekend Warrior Rumble this past Saturday. All three put forth valiant efforts leaving it all out there. Julie was awesome in her first competition. She hit a 3RM clean at 95lbs, and took on “Fran” realistically for the first time. Her expressions after the fact were priceless as she experienced the famous “Fran” cough and wobbly burning legs and arms. Regardless of how she felt after, she crushed the workout taking 2nd in her heat. She then took on the floater and gave a gutsy performance knowing very well she was about experience the same amount of pain all over again. Her awesome efforts gave her 39th place overall, but she is #1 in our hearts. Christina, taking on her second competition ever in less than a month, showed tremendous improvement. An awesome highlight for her was running the table on the clean ladder, than hitting the final lift, 125lbs, for a set of 4. Her technique looked great as she definitely impressed the masses. “Fran,” and the floater workout were brutal for everyone, but she took them on with a full head of steam. I loved coaching her as she got 23rd place. Jeff has just become a beast out there, and regardless of his age, continues to impress and PR! Jeff showed the young guns that he could throwdown too, hitting a 215lb Clean PR for a double! He then PR’d his “Fran” time and took a top score in the floater. His motor continues to constantly improve, and the sky is the limit for this master’s bad ass. He took 12th place out of 36 athletes mostly all of which were much younger than him, great job Jeff. Let’s hear it for these three!



100 Jump Rope Singles

3 Rounds

10 Pass Throughs (Over)

20 Sec. Handstand Hold

10 Pass Throughs (Under)

10 OHS Squats


5 Min. to work rope climb technique


10 Min. to Find 1RM Jerk



4 Rounds

2 Rope Climbs

25 Double Unders

5 Power Snatch (165/115) (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)

25 Double Unders


Roll and Stretch


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