Precision Crossfit Sports Performance

Based on the expert guidance of Coach Michael Tromello one of the country’s top adolescent strength & conditioning coaches. Precision CrossFit’s sports performance program will focus on the following principles.

Sports performance is the manner in which sport participation is measured. Sports performance is a mix of bio-mechanical function, emotional factors, and training techniques. As an athlete measuring his or her performance, consistent improvement in each of the above areas are key factors in order to be successful, competitive, and ultimately reach that elite level.

A strong base of determination and discipline are essential for long-term success in sports performance for any athlete. Focusing and isolating movements specific to the sport in training will likely improve your performance.

Key Factors In Sports performance


Endurance – the ability to perform over time, is essential to success in all sports. It is the backbone to the activity, assisting in speedy and efficiency in recovery from stress in the event or training.


Flexibility – the counterpoint of muscular strength, the greater the range of motion present in the joints of an athlete, the greater the ability to move dynamically. inflexibility in human joints creates imbalance in connective tissues and muscle structures, which will reduce the ability of the muscle to achieve maximum power.

Mental Control

Mental Control – aka “mind over matter” regarding pushing the body through concentration. This factor is the most difficult to master. It may take years of experience and maturity to obtain. It is essential in competition as well as training, it is what separates the successful athlete from just those with raw talent.

Coaching and support for an athlete are important factors in sports performance. We provide the Primary Direction to the athletes training, tactics, nutrition, and sports technique.

This program is NOT CrossFit based but a Strength & Conditioning program designed specifically for athlete and adolescent development.