With all the hoopla surrounding the open it sometimes can be hard to remember why it is we love what we do. We all enter the open with the best of intentions. We want to prove our fitness to ourselves and the masses, but I have often found that somewhere along the way we tend lose a part of ourselves. Part of what makes CrossFit special is that it brings a community together. However, I have often seen this community torn apart during the Open, as competition can sometimes bring the worst out of people. All of us, including myself, have been at fault of this at one time or another. This year I don’t want that to be a part of Precision CrossFit. I want the Open to be a positive experience for you all. So from hence forth let’s try and keep the negative energy of what is going on outside of our box exactly where it belongs, outside. Let’s keep our vibe positive, and enjoy competing Thursday night’s and Sunday morning’s amongst each other. Let’s keep our energy levels up, and look at all the good the open provides for us all. It was meant to be an awesome experience let’s celebrate all those PR’s, second attempt’s that lead to better scores, and let’s just have an all-around good time. We all love each other at PC. Let’s keep the love going and enjoy each other’s performances. We got 3 more weeks left P.C. That is 3 more opportunities to kick ass and take names! Help TEAM PRECISION rank as high as it possibly can, because when the 6 of us take that floor at Regionals come May 17, 2013. We are representing all of you that helped us get there, and you know we will not disappoint!



Little D is a little CrossFitter in a big ol CrossFit world!


3 Rounds (PVC)

10 Pass Throughs

10 O.H. Squats

10 Good Mornings

10 Push Ups


3 x 3 Hollow Taps


3 x 3 Bar Push Aways

*Work technique based on current level of progression.


Dead Lift

2 @ 75%

5 x 3 @ 60%

*All reps on 5 x 3 sets should be touch and go. Maintain proper technique throughout entire set. Rest 1-2 Min. in between.




ODD = 7 C2B Pull Up’s

EVEN = 10 H.R. Push Ups

*Adv. work butterfly.

**Try and go unbroken on everything.


Foam Roll  and Mobilize

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