Why you should do this Nutritional challenge…?

Over the weekend I traveled to San Diego and I stayed at a hotel. As you know most hotels serve breakfast in the mornings. While getting ready for my day I walked down to get breakfast and served myself. As I’m sitting down eating I am observing others serve themselves. In my observations I noticed one particular woman. She was little on the heavier side and maybe 45 – 50 years of age. She grabs a banana , a cup of oatmeal , 1 bowl of fruit, and a piece of wheat toast. I thought to myself; “I wonder why she grabbed those items in particular?” At these hotels you can have waffles, pancakes, sausage, bacon, cereal… you name it. This stood out to me because as she walked passed me she told her husband; “I’m trying to eat healthier”. Although her items are “healthy” everything that she grabbed was a carbohydrate. No fat or protein items were on her plate. This takes me back to “why should you take this nutrition challenge?” We all know healthy foods and non healthy foods. But… we may not have a clear understanding of what food items are in terms of carbohydrates  fats, and proteins. Although we tell ourselves we are eating healthy that may not be 100% accurate. This challenge is to help you develop an understanding of what foods go where and how much you should be eating. It is about creating a balance of foods in order to live a healthy life style. It is not a diet! The understanding that every person is different in terms of what food items they put in their mouth depending on their specific body type is what this challenge is about. In the building of a house you must start with a foundation and that’s what this challenge is about. I want to give you the tools to build a solid foundation. Once that is laid out… then you can start build the house. Let me help you! Sign up for the challenge today. Anyone can do it! It includes a nutrition seminar, bi-weekly planning with me, macro-nutrient tracking and meal plan, before and after trips to the Body Fat Test Truck, and the winner will  receive a cash prize along with a FREE month membership to Precision. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! See you in the gym.

-Daimino Stewart


Fitness – Strength – Community


400 M. Run or Row

3 Rounds

10 Pass Through’s

10 Good Morning’s

10 Cleans Extensions

10 Clean Pulls 

10 Front Squats


Shoulder Mobility


3 Rounds (At a Walking Pace)

ADV/INT: 7 Strict Weighted C2B Pull Ups / BEG: 5 Pull Up Negatives

8 BB Bent Over Row (Your Choice)

12 Weighted Sit Ups w/ DB across chest


Power Cleans + Full Clean

2 + 1 @ 65%

2 + 1 @ 70%

2 + 1 @ 80%

2 + 1 @ 85%

1 + 1 @ 90%

*Take from Power Clean Max.




21 Pull Ups

15 Cal. Row

9 Power Cleans (155/105) (135/95) (115/75) (95/65)


Roll & Stretch

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