I sit here the day after the 2014 Summer Shakedown utterly exhausted. My feet hurt, my muscle ache, and my voice it totally gone. I have never felt this way after a Shakedown, well ever. I am trying to realize why this is. What did I do differently than years past to make me feel this worn out? Then it dawned on me. I never actively coached while running the event. I feel as if I did not just coach either but literally cheered my heart out for you all as well. I sit here today extremely proud of every one of the 27 athletes that represented Precision CrossFit yesterday. I sit her proud of what you all accomplished as a community. I sit her proud that you are willing to put yourselves out there in uncomfortable positions and battle it out against the best of them. You do it all for you and the community that you contribute to and help grow stronger every day. I am also thankful. I am thankful that you choose Precision to be your home. I am thankful that you choose me, Greg, Hunter, Jose, Billy, Daimino and Jess to be your coaches. I am thankful that you represent Precision with so much character and heart. That you all carry yourselves the way you do with that badge of honor, proud that you are a Precision athlete. I am also thankful for all of your teammates that showed up to cheer everyone on. I tried to say thank you to whoever I saw when I could but if I did not, seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is nothing like watching something you love grow in front of you. I get to watch it every day with Precision and my two beautiful children.

As far as the event you all competed spiritedly. I will try and say something about each team. Please forgive me if I don’t have too much to say. There were a ton of you!



Of course this team was awesome because it had my wife on it. I am not going to lie I was not sure how this team would finish at the Shakedown knowing how much competition there is, but they did great finishing 49th out of 65 teams. Joe and Cory were solid. Both athlete’s looked strong and prepared. They competed as hard as they could with Cory looking like a veteran these days in competition. Alyson you were equally as incredible in my eyes. You took on that fat bar once again and you came out on top this time regardless of what you may think. I believe that with more time you would have finished. You are better than you were last year and everyone is proud of the heart you showed. As far as my wife, well let’s lay it out there. She is a Mommy of 2 crazies, who only works out a 2-3 times a week in class. She then throws down at the Summer Shakedown and PR’s her thruster! Yeah she is awesome and I am married to her!


Any team with Greg Smiley and Lynn Gay on it is going to rock. Sprinkle in some Mike Gallardo and you have a recipe for success. This team had 3 athletes over 40 repping the Precision blue and they took 40th place! Not bad for some old farts in a competition with only one level. Precision Co-Owner and resident Games athlete looked sporty wearing his CrossFit Games shorts, oh yeah and he also competed like he had been there too. Lynn Gay is getting better in every competition with her tenacity to never quit making her special. It was awesome watching her take on those DB burpees. Mikey G. was the glue that really held things together giving much needed reps and crushing his wall ball and pull ups. A huge shout to Kim Aviles for coming down from Bakersfield last minute to throw down for this team. What a beast she was on that fat bar!


This team was literally thrown together last minute a few weeks before the Shakedown. A family emergency caused it to be re-shifted again with the addition of Dillon a week before the event took place. You would think that with all this juggling this team would not have done that well. However, they took 33rd! The top half in a very competitive field and they looked awesome doing it. Mandi took on her wall balls and pull ups aggressively even with it not being her best movements. Her portion was crucial as her efforts allowed her team to finish wod #2! Jordan’s motor was equally as impressive during the burpees and was even better during thruster double under workout. She is getting better every week and it is evident. Dillon has been getting better month after month since coming to Precision in April. He coaches at CrossFit Code 4 as well so we don’t see a ton of him but being his coach I have watched his progress and it has been steady and consistent which was evident this weekend. I was happy to finally watch Tom Cordonna throw down. He has busted his ass since he joined Precision in the winter training with the Regional team and all. It was awesome to see him put all his work to good use. He crushed the fat bar workout and gave his team a finishing position with only 27 seconds left to spare! Well done guys!


Greg Marx, Jon Dinh, Mallory Mazzuca and Jess Goeser I mean what is not to love about this team. Fun is definitely the name of the game when you get these four together. Greg and Jon gave some incredible pain faces during the rack holds in workout #1 but they never gave up. They were fast as heck in workout #2 with Greg Marx crushing his double unders to get Jess on the bar. Jon made sure to do what he does best lifting big in the floater. Mallory beasted through several reps in wod #1 becoming a huge part of her team’s success in that workout. Jess Goeser, well was Jess Goeser hitting huge chunks of overhead squats and burpees for her team in wod # 1 and then hammering away on her portion of Wod #2 almost getting her team to the finish line. Jess is a regional athlete for sure and it showed. This team took 32nd place finishing in the top half of a stacked field.


What do you say about this group of bad asses other than they finished 14th overall beating out several other Regional athletes. Sporting their Regional team shirts they pushed the limits in each workout. This is the exact same team that finished 19th in the Winter Shakedown and boy what a difference 6 months makes. Consisting of the old pro Matt V., the coach Jose Cobian, two of the most bad ass female athletes in the gym, Kristen Seckar and Sara Nicholson this team was built for success. They were a blast to watch especially in the floater taking 3rd on the row and 12th in the complex. Sara Nicholson’s complex was awesome as was her incredible performance in the double under thruster workout. She started 2 rounds behind the two teams next to her and caught them doing 5 rounds in the time it took them to do 3, what!! Yes, it was awesome to witness. Kristen Seckar strung huge pull up sets together and moved very well through her burpees and overhead squats. Her improvement on so many levels is awesome and her ability to take coaching and adjust on the fly is impressive. Jose Cobian was solid on all aspects and what made me most happy was he moved quickly and ran from station to station. His speed of rep was much improved and showed that I think he actually listens to me, hahaha. That does not mean slow down, Jose J. The old pro Matt V. did what he always does, exactly what you expect. Matt won’t make anything look really good and he is not going to do anything special for you but he will always put it all on the line. He will always find a way to perform for his team and he did just this on Saturday, he performed on all levels. Well done Mattimal!


Yes, this what our top team from Precision CrossFit named itself and yes I was not entirely a fan. However, you can name yourself whatever you want and almost take 1st place in the competition. Although, they finished 5th overall they went into the last workout 1 point ahead in first place. They took 1st and 3rd in the floater coupled with a 6th place finish in wod #1. They just needed a little bit more speed in wod #2 and they would have been on that podium next to games athletes and the former fittest woman on earth, Sam Briggs. Although, this team finished 5th they looked like the best team out there at times and arguably they were. Mix up the order in wod #2 just a little and they possibly beat everyone. However, that’s what made wod #2 so entertaining because you could not choose and this time I was the victim of my own programming, haha. I am totally ok with that though and super proud of this team. They were all so bummed after because they said they really wanted to get Precision on the podium. To be honest I was more touched and honored by this statement then them getting on the podium because they were genuenly disappointed that Precision as a whole was not represented on the podium for the first time at the Shakedown. This just shows what kind of people they are as Katie, Lindsey, Daimino and Tyler were awesome on this day. Thank you C-Street for letting us barrow Tyler again. You are lucky to have him. I am proud if this team. Thank you for your performance and your love for Precision and the community that you’re all such big parts of.




400 M. Run / Row


2 Rounds

10 High Shrugs

10 High Pulls

10 Muscle Cleans

10 Strict Presses


Mobilize Shoulders


3 x Max Effort Handstand Walk (TEST)

*Score = Best of the 3

*If you do not have a handstand walk 7 Min. of Handstand Wall Work



3 @ 70%

3 @ 75%

3 @ 80%

2 x 3 @ 90%

*Squat on all reps.


“Grace” (Test)

For Time

30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)

5 Min. Break

1000 M. Row For Time (TEST)


Lax Ball Lats and Glutes

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