Precision community, we are so proud of everything you have accomplished in the near 3 years that we have been open. You have reached so many awesome goals, not limited by the confines of the gym walls. Sure many of you have done things you never thought were possible physically. You have achieved milestones with your health, podiumed at events, and attained PR’s. However, what we are most proud of are the children that have been born, the marriages that have taken place, the education milestones, and the support network that you have all formed through the PC community.

This being said. Many don’t see the amazing individuals that make up Precision CrossFit. Instead they see scores on a leader board, pictures, and various posts of your athletic prowess. After all we are a strength and conditioning facility and these things are important to us. When you are successful in anything in life, there are always going to be road blocks. These are obstacles that can often stand in the way of your success: whether it is insecure people who due to this insecurity use negativity to make themselves feel better by standing in your way, or your own physical, mental, or emotional stress. I believe in you. You can accomplish anything especially when others around you also believe.

Being the co-owner of Precision CrossFit, I have always turned a blind eye to negativity. I don’t even look to see what others are doing so as to not be distracted from my own goals. I’m a true goal-setter who believes that actions will always speak louder than words. This mentality I think has propelled me and Greg to success. We have focused on being the best at what we do, plain and simple. Our members’ actions, prowess, and successes have spoken for us. However, at the same time we are still running a business, so I ask for your help.

Many other gyms label us “the competition gym.” The place where only competitors train. As many of you know, this is not the case. Yes, we have great athletes, but we also have great people whose goals are not to compete but to lead healthy lifestyles. People love to put labels on things they fear. Things they can’t compete with. They lack their own identities, so they place one on us. We have an identity. We know why people love Precision CrossFit. It’s because we believe in our community. It’s because we are stronger together than apart. We are a facility that understands programming and believes in quality coaching. It is because of this that we are successful. It’s because of this that we are a top 50 gym in the entire world out of thousands. Label us all you want. As I have said, actions speak louder than words. Precision, please go on Yelp and write a review. The mobilization of our community to act with their words will help Precision grow in strength together as we continue to accept new and positive people into our family.



400 M. Run or Row

3 Rounds

5 Push Ups

10 Sit Ups

15 Air Squats


Hip Mobility


3 Rounds (At a Walking Pace)

5 Strict C2B Pull Ups (Adv. Bar Muscle Ups)

*Add Weight Accordingly.

10 Bar Roll Outs

4E DB Bent Row (Your Choice)

8 Supine BB Row (Adv. Feet on Box)



3 Back Squats @ 80% 1RM



5 Rounds

15 Cal. Row

12 Pull Ups

*Rest 1 Min. Between Rounds.



Mobilize & Stretch

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